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New Beverage Products in April 2010 article

New beverage products – April 2010
The latest beverages from Beverage Innovation issue 72.

Tango, Nova Pacific

Britvic’s Tango has launched a new limited edition cold effect can,which uses temperature sensitive ink to reveal tongue-in-cheek jokes when the cans are chilled.


Shot, Nova Pacific


Canada based Happy Planet’s range of shot drinks each with health benefits includes Glow aimed offering skin nutrition. Other shots in the range include Energy and Detox variants.


Planner, Nova PacificPlanner, Nova Pacific

Austria’s Pfanner has also launched a pomegranate with a base of pure carrot juice and has also launched a red fruit and vegetable combination involving blood oranges, apples, oranges and lemons, ,packaged in a resealable 2 litre Tetra Pak carton.



Bai, Nova Pacific

Coffee berry based beverage producer Bai Brands has introduced low calorie Bai5 with just five calories. Summatra dragonfruit and Panama peach are the first to reach the US East Coast, with Costa Rica clementine introduced this March



Belvoir Fruit Farm, Nava Pacific

Belvoir Fruit Farms has introduced a blackcurrant & Cox apple cordial along with a cranberry Cordial with blackcurrant and blueberry juices.



Gatorade, Nova Pacific 

PepsiCo’s Gatorade has launched G Series Pro - a new variant of its recently launched G Series. It has a distribution alliance with GNC, an American specialist retailer of nutritional products for the active consumer.



Innovative Beverage Products has introduced an enhanced beverage called Immunity. The drink contains MaxImmune, a blend of natural ingredients from Wild that are meant to strengthen the body’s natural defences.



PIP Organic Juice, Nova Pacific


Booost Trading has developed an organic fruit juice brand called Pip. The range created with brand consultancy Identica, was stocked in Waitrose stores initially and is now available across the UK.



Valley Juice, Nova Pacific

Chegworth Valley Juices are pressed in small batches on a farm in Kent. The latest to join the apple, soft fruit and mixed fruit juices is an organic apple and beetroot blend.



Probiotic Fruit Juice, Nova Thai

Platscom in the Czech Republic has developed Sojo - a prebiotic fruit drink in both pineapple and strawberry variants. This whey drink with prebiotic and probiotic fibres contains inulin and oligofructose from Beneo Orafti.



Coca Cola FIFA2010, Nova Thai

To commemorate the FIFA World Cup 2010, Coca-Cola de México has introduced a limited edition range of beverages under the Powerade brand. Available in five variants: orange mandarin, lemon lime, berries, grape and fruit punch.



 Hi Coffee RTD, Nova Thai


While competing brands have recently withdrawn from the UK market, Herberts Latte and Mocha coffee has been given a makeover and looks set to take advantage of current growth in premium RTD coffee.



Floral Energy Drink, Nova Pacific

Shark AG has a new hangover remedy for the Irish Market. Revamp’s perking ingredients include glutayeast, rosemary and chamomile, magnesium lactate and vitamin B6.



Schweppes Lemonade, Nova Pacific

Coca-Cola GB has two new formats for its Schweppes’ lemonade. The 500ml pack is supported by a national outdoor print campaign. The 1 litre version is introduced with a limited edition yellow mixing cap.


Naked Coconut water, Nova Pacific


Naked Coconut Water, from Naked Juice, claims to be made from 100% coconut water, which is a good source of potassium and electrolytes. The product is free from preservatives, fat and gluten, and has no added sugar.























































































































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